Clinipro designs, develops and manufactures innovative medical and aesthetic devices. Founded in 1993 and based in Barcelona (Spain), Clinipro has highly qualified technical and medical professionals endorsing the results of its brands such as MCT®, CooLifting®, and LipoContrast®, contributing to the physical well-being of people through effective procedures.

With presence in more than 50 countries, we strive to keep being one of the references in the industry with our safe and non-invasive alternative to surgical treatments of aesthetic medicine, offering cutting-edge technology ahead of the market trends to provide the most innovative techniques.


Non-invasive solutions

Clinipro offers non-invasive, painless and simple aesthetic solutions with its own cutting-edge technology and a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

Non-surgical alternatives to eliminate body fat and reshape the body, mitigate the effects of time on the face eliminating wrinkles and rejuvenating the tissue or eliminating installed cellulite.

International presence

Check your doubts

The technology developed by Clinipro is for centers and professionals in the medical, aesthetic and cosmetic sector.

To learn more about Clinipro and its devices, your team of professionals will answer all the questions you may have.

They are at your disposal for any question with your contact information.