Barcelona, ​​13 January 2016 Paris Court of Appeal, in a ruling dated 12 January 2016, annulled the claims nº1,2,3,4,5,9 and 13 of the French part of Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc. (Coolsculpting – Nasdaq: ZLTQ) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) European Patent No. 1 490,005

Both US entities sued Clinipro (LipoCryo) for patent infringement, request that was finally dismissed by the court of appeal. In consequence, this decision means the loss of protection in France of the patent rights of Zeltiq Coolsculpting system.

After a long process that began in late 2011, Clinipro has been finally acquitted of violating Zeltiq’s patent declaring the Paris Court of Appeal in France annulment of the aforementioned claims.

This enforceable judgment of Paris Court of Appeal adds to the one from Provincial Court of Barcelona of June 2, 2014, another country where Zeltiq attacked Clinipro, which also rejected the demands of Zeltiq and MGH with the reason that their patents were invalid for lack of inventive activity and new items.


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